Order Plagiarism Detection

Deep Package

Please fill up the form below and send us your document file. You need to make 70% payment during the order. Once your order is ready, you can then pay the rest.

Payment Information

TypeAmountAC number
bKash 850 Taka 01515 22 65 84 (Personal)
DBBL 840 Taka 189 151 012 5170


  • 70% payment needs to be done during submission.
  • First make the payment and then submit the form. You’ll need the transaction ID for submitting the form.
  • bKash: Send 850 Taka (840 Taka + 10 Taka Cashout charge) as Send Money to the personal number given above.
  • DBBL: Transfer fund 850 Taka to the account number given above.
  • You shall receive a verification SMS once we get your order and the  payment is confirmed.